The Others

The Mandala Isles form a rough circle around a central crater that is the last resting place of Lotros. Mapmaking is not a common art, but amongst the Merchants of Ro’al it is an occasional practice. As such most maps of the Isles depict the island Ro’al and the direction Rosul at the top in a 12 o’clock position, with Tehesh at the 4 o’clock and V’dan at the 8.


Ro’al is an island of Merchants and traders as it is the only island onto which outsiders are allowed by The Pact. It’s small land mass is largely covered with bamboo forests, and many villages are built out into the water with bamboo stilted huts. Most Mandalans there worship Illejien or Immacualti. The people are also know for particularly extravagant watash.


Positioned at roughly 2 o’clock Tenek is known for it’s striking black sands. The rulers of Tenek are known as the Four Twins, two men and two women who have purportedly ruled there since the time of Lotros. Tenek exports well crafted iron from it’s many parishes of Hunters and Craftsmen. As such they are often associated with Damiat.


Positioned in the Tehesh, Tenyill is a stark opposite to Tenek with brilliant white sands. The island is dominated by the Craftsman caste, and there are many who are experts in herbal remedies. In fact a schism between those who craft herbs and medicines and those who craft the hard white iron of the island has been brewing for generations. Burial traditions from before the Pact state that those from Vik’tiamen and Ja’anagos must be interred upon Tenyill which means there is also much reverence paid to The Flame Ender.


At the 6 o’clock position sits Ja’anagos which is a low, flat island with many brackish estuaries. Its extensive mangrove swamps are the site of a great temple to Bo’aglia. In recent times there are rumors that the mistress of the harvest has chosen many Hunters to receive her blessing in the form of tough hides and keen senses.


The opening setting of our tale. Vikiari


At the 10 o’clock position lies the smallest of the Mandala Isles. Vik’tiaman is a circular atoll largely populated by Fishermen and renown for their sailing expertise. The religion of this island is largely a dualism between Thoughtful Wave and Kraken.


In the center of the Mandala Isles lies Cault the former home of Lotros and the Vikiarans. In modern times it is a blasted caldera of black glass. During Illejien’s months it is transformed into a festive market to foster trade between the islands. During Damiat’s time devout priests may travel there to speak with the sacred Fireserpents who share the blood of the war-god.

The Others

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