The Gods

The people of the Vikiari have an animist worldview, every plant and stream, every beach and home has its own spirit that is in charge of its protection and care. These spirits are afforded respect and small sacrifices mostly when the Vikiari are about to interact with their domain, for example Hunters place a piece of twine tied in two knots by the side of a river they intend to cross.
Separate from this panoply of spirits is a pantheon of gods, the children of Lotros, these greater gods are honored in festivals and with large scheduled sacrifices of incense and alcohol.
Riding in a gray area between the greater gods and the spirits of things are the celestial bodies, the sun moon and stars. These are anthropomorphized, but not so much worshipped as begged to return during the period in which they are absent; the Sun is asked to rise every morning by the priests of Lotros, the Moon is asked to wax during the night of the New Moon and all three are fervently prayed for during the dark Time of Kraken.

Major Gods


Known as the Father of the Gods and the patron of the Vikiari, Lotros sacrificed himself to slay the Cora’ai and banish Kraken to the depths. In modern times he is honored but not truly worshipped.


The god of fire, iron and warfare Damiat is perennially courting the fickle Bo’aglia but his first love is a good fight.


Kraken is the god of darkness, hunger and the cold depths of the ocean, it is widely accepted that he slumbers now and that his children are banished to the depths with him.


The goddess of merchants and shells as both currency and heraldry, she is known as a trickster but an industrious one. She is also the goddess of birds and the air.

Thoughtful Wave

Even in the greatest storm the ocean is ever-present and always moving with rhythm, thus Thoughtful Wave is the god of the ocean, but also of meditation and music.

Flame Ender

When the spark of one’s life sputters it is the Flame Ender that finally snuffs the wick, she is a sombre but not cruel deity and is also the matron of stone and anything else permanent or inevitable.


The fickle Bo’aglia is the goddess of growing things and the weather, she is perhaps the most reactively worshipped deity of the pantheon with her normal festival taking on epic proportions when weather is difficult.


While not a child of Lotros, Immacualti was introduced to the pantheon prior to the forming of the Pact by Outsiders that worshipped him with a fervor that is said to rival the ancient Lotrans. He fulfills a number of roles in the pantheon, sometimes trickster, sometimes conqueror, but always at odds with the rest.

The Gods

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