The technological advances of the Mandalan People are almost entirely shaped by their volcanic habitat, there is little copper and tin (so no bronze) but abundant volcanic “black” iron on the island of Tenek and abundant “white” iron on the island of Tenyill, far from the Vikiari. The presence of tropical hardwoods and wild boars make wood and ivory a common choice for small items. Clay is hard to come by but with sand and hardwood fire or geothermal heat in abundant supply glassmaking is common and lava-sculpting is practiced but uncommon. As the indigenous animals lack long coats cloth (mainly rope and matting) is made from coir (coconut husk). Writing is known of but not practiced by the Vikiari with the exception of the Spiritchildren.

Here are the tools of each trade.

Fishermen: The Vikiari primarily use dugout canoe-style boats with wooden oars, often lashing 2-5 together to make larger vessels. The Vik’tiaman hold the secret of true oceangoing vessel and lateen sail construction. Palm-rope nets and rattan fishing rods (typically with ivory hooks) are common, blown glass fishing bobs are uncommon but gaining popularity. As the sea-warriors of the tribe the Fishermen also fashion (oceangoing) catapults from young wood.

Hunters: Most personal weapons are either ‘kritten’ — short metal blades incorporated into a gauntlet and running back along the arm of the wielder, or javelins usualy sharp fire-hardened 4-5’ lengths of flexible wood. Rope snares are common. Smoke and salt curing of both fish and pork are common

Priests: Tallow and palm oil lamps are used in many rituals, as is pressed incense. Fermentation and distillation are both practiced, almost exclusively on sugar cane, and almost exclusively to create unguents and potions, alcohol is relatively rare and so typically reserved for festivals. Palm oil and ground ore are used to make pigment, white, black and red being most common, with blue being rarer and saved for special occasions.

Craftsmen: Wooden spinning wheels spin coir into rough cloth. Hardwood and metal tubes are used for blown glass. Palm leaf mats are used to dry sea-salt. Forges burning charred hardwood are rare, perhaps one per town, but metal workmanship is usualy high-quality small items like blades or jewlery.

Merchants: Wooden abaci and balance scales are used in most transactions. All money is physical currency of bright orange Sunshells, debt is relatively common and is recorded by the debtor wearing a necklace with the lender’s shell pattern upon it.


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