Here are some terms that are used in the Isles:
Pluralization note: The Mandalan tongue does not pluralize nouns but rather requires a numerical ‘helper word’ like some Asian languages.

Coir: (Not actually a made-up word) The fibrous material of the coconut that can be spun into a strong yarn.

Darnek Potion: This potent liquor is ritually drunk prior to any battle as part of a prayer to Damiat. It is made by steeping the piquant spicy Fireberries and coca leaves in extremely high proof rum for a period no less than a God’s Time (3 lunar cycles). It’s name literally translates to “Iron Draught of Damiat”.

Kritten: A short blade that runs along the arm up from the hand, typically affixed to a thick wooden handle or as part of a coir gauntlet.

Rosul: One of the 3 Objective directions, literally translating as “Direction from which Outsiders travel”, example: “Head Rosul along the shore you can’t miss it…” The other two Objective directions are Tehesh which is 120 degress clockwise from Rosul and V’dan which is 120 degrees counterclockwise. The two Subjective directions are Caula which means toward the center of whatever island one is on, and Bela which means toward the shore of the island. In case this didn’t make it obvious the Mandalans do not have compasses.

Oto’o: The Mandalan term for a haggle, used because haggle as a noun sounds weird in English even though it is grammatically correct. Oto’o literally translates as “A talk of this for that” and expertly performed oto’o are as much the stuff of legends as expertly fought battles or expertly crafted materials.

Parish: (Again, not a made-up word) Each Vikiari settlement is divided into multiple parishes. Each parish is a 2-4 dozen household group surrounding a communal cooking and fire pit, and in general presided over by a Billanka and a Bailis and one or more prominent families. Each parish is usually 80% a single caste of Merchant, Fisherman, Craftsman or Hunter with Priests usually representing 2-3 households per parish and Spiritchildren too rare to make blanket statements about.

Pulu: A group of five children born on the same day, this is an auspicious occurrence and they are assigned to each of the five original castes and often spend much of their lives together.

Watash: A Shell Heraldry necklace.


Exalted: The Black Heart of the Isles Xarei