The Islands’ calendar was standardized at the forming of the Pact
There are 15 Lunar cycles in the year each of which is 28 days long, and the days of these months are named for the current action of the Moon.
Each month begins on the ‘Day of Moon’s Absence’, followed by ‘Day of Moon’s Revelation’, and proceeds through 10 days of ‘Nth day of Moon’s Arrival’ to five named days surrounding the full moon

‘Day of the Moon’s Presentation’
‘Day of the Listening Moon’
‘Day of the Most Watchful Moon.’
‘Day of Moon’s Learning’
‘Day of Moon’s Decision’
Followed by 10 days of ‘Nth day of Moon’s Departure’ and the ‘Day of Moon’s Farewell’

Each year there is one period in which the Moon remains hidden for much longer, a period of approximately 5 days known as the Time of Kraken. This period is not part of any of the Lunar cycles. the 15 full Lunar Cycles are divvied up between the five other Gods, 3 to each. Lotros never had a period as all time was his province, and Immacualti doesn’t have a period because he is an Outsider God. The months in order, starting from the Time of Kraken are:

Flame Ender’s Approach
Flame Ender’s Kiss
Flame Ender’s Rebuke
Illejien’s Offer
Illejien’s Oto’o
Illejien’s Sadness
Rolling Thoughtful Wave
Breaking Thoughtful Wave
Lapping Thoughtful Wave
Bo’aglia’s Seeding
Bo’aglia’s Bloom
Bo’aglia’s Harvest
Damiat’s Advance
Damiat’s Battle
Damiat’s Retreat

Though the climate of the Islands does not vary overmuch, the hottest part of the year is Damiat’s Battle (temperatures around 95-105) and the coolest is Illejien’s sadness (temperatures around 75 – 80, dipping lower during a storm).

Jishni: Literally the ‘Day of Jitari’ is celebrated on the ‘Day of Moon’s Absence’ in the third lunar cycle of each God’s time (Illejien’s Sorrow, Damiat’s Retreat etc.) Its purpose is to entice the Moon to return from her absence with loud partying and offerings of fresh hunts. It is also the time in which friendly disputes between men (usually over business or women) are adjudicated by the sport of Pojish. The sport of Pojish mirrors one of the tales of Jitari’s derring do and consists of a three individual events. Each participant first selects one fruit-bearing tree at least twice their height from toes to fingertips and the two compete to remove the fruit from their respective trees first. The second event requires each individual to cut down the tree, using no metal, and touching nothing to the base of the tree below the participant’s highest reach (typically by climbing it and chopping with a flint axe) this is a competition of both speed and the cleanliness of the cut as judged by the audience. Finally each participant must fashion their treetop into two poles, each as tall or taller than the contestant (again from toes to fingertips) one of which is driven into the wet sand of the beach and stood upon, the other is used as a weapon to dislodge their opponent, whomever can remain standing upon their pole for the span of nine waves is the victor. The leaves of each cut tree are then bound to the opponent’s tree to symbolize the resolution of the dispute.

Wa’ad Cora & Wake of Lotros: Celebrated on the ‘Day of the Most Watchful Moon’ in Damiat’s Retreat the festival of Wa’ad Cora is a sombre affair as priests of Lotros and the local Skydaughter Proctor lead a joint ceremony to bless and protect the township during the upcoming Time of Kraken. First there is a great accounting as the Merchants and Craftsmen of the village display all that they have gathered to weather the upcoming time. Next, all of the Fisher-warriors of the village are given Darnek Potion as if preparing for battle and ritually march around the edge of the village laying down a line of salt. Until the Time of Kraken ends none from the village cross the salt line.
This tough time is ended by the Wake of Lotros on the first day of Flame Ender’s Approach, this is a time of grand celebration as the children of the village carry the salt of the line back into the ocean, and the adults eat and drink heavily.

Danse of New Joys.
In the first week of Bo’aglia’s Seeding all children who have lived to their fifth year are brought before the parish priests to have their name presented formally presented to the Gods. The Festival is often also used by families as a time to negotiate marriage contracts and have the witnessed by the priests as any contract sanctified during this time is considered auspicious.
Sadly seven years ago Ka-Seek lost his sister to fever days before she was to be named. This has driven Ka to seek out as much medical knowledge as he can to try and prevent feeling so powerless again.


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