Exalted: The Black Heart of the Isles

Rules Report: Session 3

Willpower & Excellencies


The devs agree that gaining willpower from stunting shouldn’t require walking around at WP-1 all the time.

From page 169 of the core rule book:
“Willpower points gained in certain ways can raise the total number of points in your character’s Willpower pool above his rating, to a maximum of 10.”

From page 170 of the core rule book:
“Performing a two-point stunt grants one point of Willpower, while performing a three point stunt grants two. These awards may exceed the character’s permanent Willpower rating.”


I didn’t realize this, but you get rather a lot of free Excellencies. I thought they were only obtained from buying Charms. As it turns out, it’s even easier!

From page 255 of the core rule book:
Gaining Excellencies: Solars automatically gain an Excellency for each Caste and Favored Ability in which they possess at least one dot, as well as any Ability for which they have learned at least one Charm.



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