Exalted: The Black Heart of the Isles

Rules Report: Session 2


Note: all these entries assume that the involved participants didn’t have ‘a thing’ I’m ignorant of that overrules the core mechanic.

Decisive Attack Damage
Weeping Boar’s Decisive Attack vs. the Karken-spawn

  • What we did: Weeping Boar’s Initiative value as dice pool (18) – the Kraken-spawn’s soak (9) for damage pool (9)
  • What we should have done: rolled Weeping Boar’s full initiative value (18) as the damage dice pool
  • Why: per “Resolving a Decisive Attack” on page 191 of the core rule book, there is no step where a target soak reduces the damage pool in Decisive Attacks. ( I caught this one by reading the Combat Example )

Initiative Break
Weeping Boar Initiative Crashing the Karken-spawn

  • What we did: granted Weeping Boar +initiative = Withering Attack damage done to cause the crash
  • What we should have done: grant Weeping Boar an extra +5 initiative for causing the crash
  • Why: per “Initiative Break” on page 194 of the core rule book, “When a character forces an opponent into Initiative Crash with an attack, he gains what is known as an Initiative Break bonus. An Initiative Break bonus is a +5 bonus to Initiative”



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